Greek Yogurt Smoothie Bowl

To start your day, how about a Smoothie Bowl to enjoy without guilt ?
To prepare my smoothies I usually use Lactose free milk like almond or coconut milk or even coconut water, but today I wanted to change and try something new: The Greek yogurt …

Recently this yogurt is quite famous and lots of health related websites are speaking about it. So I needed to try it ! I have to say, it is very nice ! The advantage of this yogurt is that despite its thick and creamy texture, just perfect for using in our “Smoothie Bowl” recipe, it is a low fat yogurt (what a coincidence!).
This yogurt is originally made with sheep milk but supermarkets have usually Greek yogurt made with cow milk… if you are courageous you can try to make it yourself 😉

photos smoothie grec.001

Ingredients (Serve 1)
– 1/2 Avocado
– 2/3 Banana
– 100g Greek yogurt
– 1 tbsp Honey
– 2 tsp Chia seeds

– 1/3 Banana (slices)
– 6 fresh Strawberries
– A pinch of Nuts mix
– 4 tbsp Oat flakes
– 4 tbsp Granola (home made or organic)

Mix the smoothie ingredients until smooth texture
Pour into a bowl and add topping ingredients

So easy to do… and so delicious 🙂

photos smoothie grec.003

♥ Tip:
It is possible to change the topping ingredients for the bowl or even the smoothie seasoning. For example, you can use home made vanilla sugar instead of honey… a good combination too !

Let’s do it…
Bon appétit !

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