Salmon & Dill Toasts

Here is a little idea for a foodie but healthy breakfast, that should bring you enough energy all day long (at least until lunch 😉  )… and well, to be honest it is quite nice to start your day with a yummy breakfast, don’t you think ?

Ingredients (2 toasts):
– 2 slices of wholegrain Bread (here I used a wholegrain english muffin sliced into 2)
⇒ but you can also use my Buckwheat & Quinoa bread (recipe here)
– 60g smoked Salmon
– 3 stems of fresh Dill
– 2 tbsp Greek Yogurt
– 4 stems of Chive
– 2 knobs salted Butter
– 1 pinch of Fleur de Sel
– 2 pinches of Pepper
– 2 pinches od dried shallots
– 2 pinches of Seeds

– Toast the bread in a pan without adding fat,
– Spread the butter on each slice (I love when the butter is melting… my foodie touch !!),
– Put the salmon and the dill,
– Add a spoon of greek yogurt on top of each toast,
– Sprinkle the seeds, dried shallots and season with the pepper and fleur de sel,
– Decorate with chive stems.

That’s it, nothing complicated at all, no cooking… just assembling ingredients together.
These proportions are for 1 personne (you know, breakfast is the fuel of the day so 2 toasts are not too much), but you can share, for 2 😉 and complete with a big Smoothie!

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♥ My Tip:
I completed my breakfast (yes the 2 toasts :-p ) with a Smoothie Cucumber & Banana, a variation of my previous recipe you can find here. I just replaced the milk (almond and coconut) by Coconut water, to make it lighter.

Bon Appétit !

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