Let’s Cook !

Cooking… a word I love !

I am originally from Toulouse (South of France) and quite proud of my Terroir,
Living in Japan, real culinary melting-pot,
Enjoying to discover other cultures through their gastronomy (from Asia to US I am open to all cultures),
A little sporty (maybe more than a little lol)

So if I bring all of this together, that makes me a total Foodie who likes
to create yummy & healthy recipes to feel good and in harmony with myself,
to enjoy colorful and tasty dishes that often combine flavors from different origins.

And because life is also about simple pleasures, my recipes are defined by 4 simple words:

Easy, to simplify Life
Creative, to bring Smile
Tasty… obvious one !
Healthy, to feel Good 😳

My friends used to ask me all the time for the recipes of my dishes, that is why I decided to create this blog… to share my little creations with everyone who wants to enjoy Foodie & Healthy recipes 😉

So I hope you will enjoy…


photos blog bordures verticales.002Morning Boost

photos blog bordures verticales.001Healthy Delights

photos blog bordures verticales.004Gourmets Corner

photos blog bordures verticales.005 Sweet Treats